Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe for Heavy Traffic — Summer has come to a close, and all you have left is that heavy trafficked commercial lawn. Maybe you hold soccer tryouts there, or maybe you own a facility where there are tons of activities; either way, it is time for damage control.  The best commercial landscape company in Olathe will tell you, that all this high sports traffic can cause serious wear and tear to your lawn.


Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe Causes Compaction

Compaction is one of the main causes of concern for commercial lawn maintenance in Olathe; it is caused by high traffic on your property. Compaction occurs when people are walking or running in your yard, in the same areas, on a regular basis over time. The result of the compacted soil is the inability of grass roots to push through the soil and establish a solid root base. Without proper roots, grass plants do not receive the necessary nutrients that they need to thrive and grow. You may be surprised to know that a commercial landscape company in Olathe says that many businesses in Olathe have areas where compaction is a problem.  Don’t let this happen to you.

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe

Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe Reccomends Aerating

Aerating your lawn is the best way to quickly fix the issue of soil compaction. Many rental stores and hardware stores will rent an aerator that you can use yourself to aerate your lawn. Aeration pulls plugs of soil out of the ground, allowing more air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass, allowing it to grow lush and healthy. Alternatively, we employ many experts who specialize in commercial lawn maintenance in Olathe and are highly trained in aeration.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe

Hiring a professional to provide aerating to your commercial property that will ensure  the areas that need it most are done properly and fully. However, if you continue to use your lawn in the same manner, aeration alone will not completely solve your soil compaction problems.


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Changing the flow of traffic through your commercial property during the season can be one of the best ways to avoid soil compaction. Once you have aerated the strained areas of your yard and switched the flow of traffic, your lawn should regenerate quickly. If you are still seeing problems with your lawn, call professionals to ask about commercial lawn maintenance in Olathe.

If you need help with high traffic areas that were caused by rough and long play on your commercial property this summer our commercial landscape company in Olathe is here to help you get ready for next year. We are an all-season company.


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Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Olathe


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