Tips for Fall Lawn Maintenance in Olathe—You have been out in your yard a lot this summer. Maybe you have been mowing or fertilizing? Maybe you are a gardener and have been harvesting fresh tomatoes and cucumbers all summer long. Or you have professional Olathe lawn care services that come by and do this for you already. You thought you were done? Think again.


Autumn is just around the corner, which means that its time to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months.  Take advantage of the cooler fall weather to fertilize, weed, and generally improve the health and visual appearance of your lawn.  Here are several tips for Fall lawn maintenance in Olathe that you can do today!

Olathe Lawn Care Services

1. Adjust Your Mowing Height  or Hire Fall Lawn Maintenance in Olathe


A lot of homeowners raise the height of their mowers during the summer months to reduce the heat stress on their lawn.  Now that the sun is not as violent and the temperature has cooled, it is healthy to return the deck of your mower to its standard mowing height. Diamond Cut’s Olathe lawn care services will encourage you to mow your lawn at around 2 inches tall.


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Cutting your lawn shorter in the Autumn months helps prevent your grass from matting down under the leaves and, soon to be, snow.  Remember to avoid cutting your grass too short. As one of the top Olathe lawn care services, our experts know that tightly clipped turf has fewer roots, and also allows weeds to get a foothold.


2. Water On Schedule or Hire Fall Lawn Maintenance in Olathe


Companies that specialize at lawn maintenance in Olathe will tell you always to water your lawn on schedule. Although this can be a difficult routine to begin, it keeps your lawn strong and healthy and ready to defend against the harshest cold weather.


Early morning is the healthiest time of day to irrigate your lawn due to winds usually being lighter. Remember, always avoid watering in the evening because of encouraged fungal disease, but there are Olathe lawn care services that can fight against this.


Olathe Lawn Care Services


3. Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscape Encourages Overseeding


It is often encouraged to overseed warm-seasoned grasses with ryegrass each autumn.  This type of grass provides your lawn with a lush, green carpet effect that can last throughout the winter months.  Preparing your lawn for seeding by mowing it a ½ inch shorter than usual or hiring Olathe lawn care services, and then promptly removing the clippings to prepare for the lawn company to arrive.


4. Remove Excess Thatch


Dethatching requires you to cut through the thatch layer under your grass and rip out the debris.  There are great tools available to help you complete this task.  Power rakes or vertical mowers are great tools that will work hard to complete this task.  Remember though, that power raking and vertical mowing can damage other grass layers of your lawn as well, including the centipede grass, St. Augustine grass, and others.


There are great ways to prepare your lawn for the fall and winter months that you can start doing or preparing for today!  From watering on schedule to thatching your lawn, lawn care is an integral part of home improvement and maintenance.  Of course, if this sounds like too much trouble, you could always hire a professional for lawn maintenance in Olathe.


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