Commercial Snow Removal Company in Olathe

We know that living in Olathe or anywhere in the Midwest can mean unpredictable weather, especially during the winter. You could have 60 degrees and sunny one day, then a blizzard the next. When that first snowstorm hits, our team at Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscape will be ready to help your business. As one of the top commercial snow removal companies in Olathe, we know that many businesses do not have the time, equipment, or staff to handle heavy snow accumulations. That’s why you need help from one of the top snow removal contractors in Olathe 

Parking Lot Snow Removal in Olathe

If your staff or your clients have nowhere to park after a snowstorm, then your business may not be able to operate. Clearing a parking lot after heavy snowfall involves trucks, snowplows, ice melt, and more. Is your Olathe business prepared to handle this? Most are not, and they turn to companies like Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscape for our expert snow removal services in Olathe. We’ll make sure your parking lot is plowed so that your clients and employees have easy access to their vehicles. Our experts also apply ice melt to remove slick spots to ensure that driving and walking conditions are safe 

Sidewalk Snow Removal in Olathe

Driving on snowy roads in Olathe can already be treacherous but walking on a slick sidewalk presents even more danger. If your clients or employees slip and fall on a slick sidewalk, you and your business may be held responsible for their injuries. As one of the top commercial snow removal companies in Olathe, we want to ensure the safety of all individuals; that’s why we offer high-quality snow removal for sidewalks and walkways. Our hard-working crews will clear all snow and then apply ice melt as needed to ensure that all paths are free of any slipping hazards 


Communication is Key

As one of the top snow removal contractors in Olathe, we know that communication is a critical part of what we do. Our team will closely monitor the weather conditions, especially when snow accumulations are most common. We’ll check in with you to see if your parking lot, sidewalks, or any other area on your property requires snow removal. Our crews will work diligently to service your commercial property as soon as possible.  

Do you need snow removal services in Olathe? Contact Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscaping today! 

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For over 15 years, Diamond Cut Lawn and Landscape has provided my company excellent, fast and reasonably priced service for a variety of task. They are the first people I call for hauling, landscape, yard clean ups, mowing and chain link fence repair. Joel and Bethanie listen to what is needed and do what needs to be done correctly.


– Justin L. | President of AJ Lang Realty Inc.

I just wanted to say thank you for taking the extra time to make sure we had our tree ring correctly placed. I have never seen someone go into such detail such as cutting out tree roots to make sure all the blocks are level. We also had them do some landscaping rock around our house and deck, which we have enjoyed very much. We really appreciate Joel and his crew, he has a family business and he is there to make sure the crew maintains his standards. So far it has been worth the investment for the quality work that has been done. We are planning on having them do more for us in the future.
Thanks so much for the improvements made at our home.

– Larry & Marilyn | Olathe, KS

We have used Diamond Cut Lawn & Landscape for several years and think they are absolutely the best! They are 100% reliable, do a great job with our lawn and yard maintenance, mowing, and seasonal snow removal for extremely reasonable prices. We recommend them without reservation.

– Sean Reid

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