Hire a Commercial Landscape Company in Olathe for your Common Areas–The term “common area” refers to a shared area on a business property where guests gather to unwind, eat lunch, or read a book. Our commercial lawn care company in Olathe thinks they should be everything but typical, though. They ought to stand out among your property’s landscaping.

A homeowner’s association, an office park, a university, or an apartment complex may all include common areas. Whatever the case, a common space needs to have a few things in order to be desirable as a location to hang out. Let’s examine a few strategies for enhancing the landscaping by hiring a commercial landscape company in Olathe to make your property’s common areas amazing.


The Importance of Common Areas, According to a Commercial Landscape Company in Olathe

  • Common areas foster a sense of neighborhood and entice people outside for some fresh air and downtime.
  • They provide a space for students to study, congregate for group projects, or unwind in between courses in universities.
  • Employees love having a beautiful common room to relax in and get together that’s why a commercial lawn care company in Olathe should be keeping the area looking great.
  • In an office park, common areas offer a break from the hectic workday, allowing workers to come back to the office renewed and ready to work. Therefore, productivity will increase.
  • In a retail setting, inviting common areas encourage customers to linger longer, increasing the likelihood that they will make more purchases and spend more money

Commercial Landscape Company in Olathe


Here are a Few Ways to Enhance Common Areas According to a Commercial Landscape Company in Olathe:

Areas to Sit

  • Everybody occasionally needs a place to sit down and relax.
  • Apartment residents have a spot to relax or congregate to chat on their way in or out thanks to a courtyard area that is supplied with one or more benches and landscaped with bushes and flowers according to a commercial lawn care company in Olathe.
  • To increase the relaxing factor, include a fountain or other water feature.
  • Attractive, cozy seating places are available on a corporate campus so that staff members may enjoy their coffee breaks and outdoor lunches.

It may be a wonderful covered gathering space when a pergola is added above. Who wouldn’t like to go to a me

Commercial Landscape Company in Olathe

eting outdoors?


Neighborhood Gardens

  • Any public space benefits from the shade, color, and peace that trees, plants, and flowers bring. Consider annuals, rose bushes, perennials, and trees for shade. A commercial landscape company in Olathe can keep these gardens looking amazing.

  • A large, sprawling apartment complex usually includes big expanses of brick or wood. Flowering shrubs break up the stark landscape and will get larger and more eye-catching as the years go on.
  • Native plants — plants original to your area of the country — are hugely popular now. They’re hardy and less susceptible to pests and diseases. They grow well and require little care.
  • Bonus: birds, butterflies and hummingbirds will start flitting around your common area. Natural entertainment.
  • Include a range of perennials that bloom at different times of the year so that there is always something to draw attention to.

Not sure how to get your common area looking professionally kept? Hire a commercial landscape company in Olathe to make sure those common areas look great all spring long.  Our commercial lawn care company in Olathe will keep that grass mowed and looking neat and clean too!


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