Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Landscape Company in Olathe —The snow is clearing out, and the brown grass is peaking through. You might be thinking about your business and thinking a commercial landscape company in Olathe might be just what you need. We know you want to find a local company like Diamond Cut to keep your business landscape looking great. What other things should you ask before entering into a contract?

Our landscape company in Olathe thinks you should definitely consider these questions when hiring a company to maintain lawn service for you:


The Best Landscape Company in Olathe Asks, “Do I need a lawn care service?”

Our commercial landscape company in Olathe explains that while it’s possible to apply chemicals to your own business lawn or home lawn of course hiring a lawn care company can offer expert recommendations and save you a ton of time. If your lawn has patches of dirt, dandelions and other weeds, or damage from insects or grubs, you could definitely have an advantage by using Olathe lawn care services.

Landscape Company in Olathe

The Best Landscape Company in Olathe Asks, “How many applications are included in the program?”

The commercial landscape company in Olathe explains that there should be at least six different applications for each year. These should be done from early spring through the winter.

Applications should happen:

  • Early Spring Application – This first application includes just the right mix of lawn fertilizer to feed your lawn for up to 16 weeks and adds the first mix to prevent crabgrass.
  • Late Spring Application – The second application will attack early weeds like dandelions and prevent crabgrass.
  • Summer Application – In this third application, our custom, slow-release fertilizer will keep your grass looking healthy all summer long.
  • Grub Control – Applied at the same time as the summer application, this treatment is important for getting rid of white grubs that can damage your lawn.
  • Late Summer Application – To control summer weeds like nutsedge, crabgrass, and more, this application is an important part of your yard maintenance program.
  • Fall Application – This super important fertilizer application is applied at just the right time to help your lawn get green and begin recovering from the stress of a hot summer.
  • Winterizer – The last application is applied in the late fall or early winter — the most important time of the year to fertilize your lawn to keep it greener longer and help it remain healthy in the spring.


Ask your Diamond Cut representative what will work best for your commercial landscape.



The Best Landscape Company in Olathe Asks, “How Do Lawn Care Services Work in the Winter?”

At Diamond Cut, we understand that most people do not maintain their lawn services during the winter months. However, for our commercial landscape company in Olathe, we additionally offer snow removal services for our clients and can specifically tailor programs to best fit our client’s needs. Additionally, some treatments need to be done to maintain a lush landscape for the months to come. Call us today to work out a plan.


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Landscape Company in Olathe

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