Our Landscape Company in Olathe Teaches You the Love Language of Flowers for Valentine’s Day–As a leading landscape company in Olathe, we know all about flowers. In fact, flowers actually hold certain meanings depending on the type of flower you get, and the meaning behind them is quite interesting. So, before deciding on your commercial landscape company in Olathe, ask yourself, “Do they know flowers like Diamond Cut does?”

There have been a number of floral dictionaries published throughout the years. We’re going to be using Country Time Magazine’s take to take a look beyond the beautiful colors and smells and see what’s really being said when you give your sweetie a dozen.

  • A Top Landscape Company in Olathe Suggests Daisies – Dependable and classic, these white daises grow every spring and continue to bloom until fall. They represent innocence and hope, making them the perfect option for gifting to someone who may need some support and encouragement.

  • Forget-me-Not – As the name implies, these small and delicate beauties symbolize true love memories. They’re a sweet gesture and reminder of never-ending love.
  • Snap Dragons – Named for the dragon’s mouth shape the flower makes when its sides are gently pressed together, snapdragons are said to symbolize graciousness, as well as deception. The latter attribute might have something to do with the old wives’ tale that concealing a snapdragon somewhere on your body makes you fascinating to others.
  • Our Landscape Company in Olathe Suggests Bluebells – In Victorian times, bluebells stood for kindness. Now they’re known for representing care and warmth, as well as humility.

  • Roses – The quintessential Valentine’s classic is the gold standard for a reason: The red rose symbolizes love, making it a truly romantic keepsake.
  • Delphiniums – Named after the Greek word for dolphin, these lovely conical-shaped flowers—which are said to resemble the playful sea mammal—are also known as larkspurs. They represent joy, lightheartedness, verve, and vivacity, making them the perfect gift to pLandscape Company in Olatheerk up someone who is feeling low.
  • Tulips – These stunners are a declaration of love. Creating arrangements is easy with tulips, whether they’re featured as a single color, in a cheerful mix of tone-on-tone blooms, or in combinations of contrasting hues. Arrange tulips in a formal vase or tuck them into a Mason jar and allow them to drape.
  • A Leading Landscape Company in Olathe Suggests Calla Lilies – Traditionally a symbol of marriage, white calla lilies denote chastity, honesty and innocence. The flowers, which are named after the Greek word for beauty, come in a variety of colors. Each hue offers a different meaning, like purple for passion, and yellow for gratitude.

Here at the best commercial landscape company in Olathe we want you and your Valentine to have the most meaningful day. Since roses are the language of love and the most popular there are even meanings to the type of rose you get. Here are just a few more to add to your candy shopping this happy holiday.

Austrian Rose – “Thou Art All That’s Lovely”
Bridal Rose – “Happy Love”
Burgandy Rose – “Unconscious Beauty”
Cabbage Rose – “The Ambassador of Love”
Daily Rose – “The Smile that I Would Aspire To”
Deep Red Rose – “Bashful Shame”
White Rose-Bud – “A Heart that is Ignorant of Love”
White Rose – “I Am Worthy of You”
Rose Without a Thorn – “Ingratitude”


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